Filler powders/foams

Filler powders/foams

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Cabosil FUMED SILICA (Colloidal)
CORUNDUM GRAINS (aluminium oxide)
Available from £3.11
Metal powders
Available from £3.68

Rigid expanded polyurethane foam, two part liquid A & B in equal volume...available in high or low density (Minimum combined amount supplied = 1 Litre).

Available from £12.28

(Size: 25 kilo)

MAGSIL DIAMOND 200 Soft white talc can be added to our figurine resin up to 1 to 1 by weight producing a white material slightly lighter and softer than that produced by Microdol.

(Size: 1 kilo)

MICRODOL H600 hard white dolomite powder can be added to our figurine resin up to approx 1½ times by weight, producing a hard heavy white material ideal for figurines and statues etc.
Available from £1.14

Glass grains

Available from £2.40

Fillite powders are lightweight low density spheres which can be added to resins to bulk out and give lighterweight castings.

£42.00 / 20 kg

Cellulose Microfibres, Used to thicken resins to create adheasives.

£15.00 / Kit(s)