Casting resins

Casting resins

We stock polyester, epoxy,and polyurethane casting resin systems.

A list of the various systems is on the left... just click the name catagory for a list of the various kit sizes and quantities available.

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Includes Catalyst..

Polyester clear casting resin deep pour, lends itself to higher volume pours, using a 0.3% catalyst addition can be poured in quite large volumes minimising the cracking problem which can occur with other clear polyester casting systems.

Contains a UV stabiliser which will slow any yellowing due to UV exposure.

Available from £10.20
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Glass clear polyester casting resin, the most popular of all the systems due to its ease of use and low cost.

Best mould types are plastic, polypropylene, polyethylene, polythene, Tupperware type plastic works well.

Available from £11.40

Add to polyester glass clear casting resin at 2% by weight, to extend the clarity of the finished casting.

*This product is for POLYESTER RESIN ONLY*

Available from £7.20

A clear rigid epoxy casting resin system.

Available from £21.00

Usually termed "flower resin", this is a genuine product for that crystal clear water effect.

Available from £23.40
Clear PU polyurethane casting resin 1.8kg kit
Clear polyurethane casting resin 1.8kg

FASTCAST Polyurethane casting resin. Ideal for use in prototype and modelling applications, with a working time of approx 6 minutes, de-mould approx 30 minutes.

Available from £26.40
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Figurine casting resin, ideal for chess pieces, pen blanks etc cast in simple plastic or latex moulds. Catalyst included.

Available from £10.12