RTV27 Condensation cure rubber.
Two part low viscosity silicone rubber, suitable for most polyester and epoxy casting resins along with our fastcast Pu resin.



Available from £1.44

A clear rigid epoxy casting resin system often used for River table resin, metallic bartop, clear bartop, glitter resin, clear embedding.

Available from £21.00

Figurine casting resin, ideal for chess pieces, pen blanks etc cast in simple plastic or latex moulds. Catalyst included.

Recommended to use any of our fillers to reduce cost and shrinkage + increase strength.

Available from £10.12

Glass clear polyester casting resin, the most popular of all the systems due to its ease of use and low cost.

Best mould types are plastic, polypropylene, polyethylene, polythene, Tupperware type plastic works well.

Available from £11.40

FASTCAST Polyurethane casting resin. Ideal for use in prototype and modelling applications, with a working time of approx 6 minutes, de-mould approx 30 minutes.

Available from £26.40
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