Filler powders/foams

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Cabosil FUMED SILICA (Colloidal)

CORUNDUM GRAINS (aluminium oxide)
Metal powders

Rigid expanded polyurethane foam, two part liquid A & B in equal volume...available in high or low density (Minimum combined amount supplied = 1 Litre).


(Size: 25 kilo)

MAGSIL DIAMOND 200 Soft white talc can be added to our figurine resin up to 1 to 1 by weight producing a white material slightly lighter and softer than that produced by Microdol.


(Size: 1 kilo)

MICRODOL H600 hard white dolomite powder can be added to our figurine resin up to approx 1½ times by weight, producing a hard heavy white material ideal for figurines and statues etc.

Glass grains


Fillite powders are lightweight low density spheres which can be added to resins to bulk out and give lighterweight castings.

£54.00 / 20 kg

Cellulose Microfibres, Used to thicken resins to create adheasives.

£15.00 / Kit(s)