Epoxy Resin--River table resin

Epoxy Resin--River table resin

Epoxy resins are generally stronger and tougher than polyesters, which in turn makes them more expensive, however their superior adhesion and water resistant properties make them unique in the laminating/manufacturing industry.
Our Clear epoxy casting resin can be poured up to approx 50mm depth, however we do recommed 25mm pours to enable minimum shrinkage, when fully cured it is a very tough strong durable matrix which ideally suits the unique furnite maker.


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Floor coating application is not successfully complete until it has been deaerated. Fresh floor coatings must be spiked with a Bubble Buster® spiked roller during application. The operation of spiking also largely contributes to the levelling of certain types of flooring compounds.

Ideal for resin floors of most types.

KAM Bubble Buster® Spiked Rollers are available in 3 widths and are sold as complete assemblies with frames in standard form.

Available from £25.80

A clear rigid epoxy casting resin system often used for River table resin, metallic bartop, clear bartop, glitter resin, clear embedding.

Slight delay in process of orders due to backlog.


Usually termed "flower resin", this is a genuine product for that crystal clear water effect.


This product is currently in restricted supply, please call for availability.

EPOXY RESIN. General purpose laminating. Suitable for use with Fibreglass, Kevlar, Carbon fibre etc.

CLEAR EPOXY (Multi-purpose) LAY-UP RESIN A clear epoxy laminating system formulated to produce clear laminates, with good UV stability.

Out of stcok at the moment.