Resin additives

Cobalt accelerator, Styreene monomer, wax in styrene(tack free solution),Catalyst, Benzoyle peroxide paste, Dispensers.


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PU G-fix gold/scattercoat/UV clear accelerator.

Speed up the cure time during normal and lower operating temperatures, supplied with measuring syringe for accurate dosing.

£12.00 / Kit(s)
BUTANOX M-50 CATALYST or Equivalent. Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide MEKP (liquid)

TACK FREE SOLUTION (contains wax) Wax in styrene




FLEXIBLE RESIN ADDITIVE (Un-accelerated). Additive to increase laminate flexibility so reducing brittleness and improving workability (in castings). For Polyester resins only. Normally added between 10% - 100%.

BENZOYL PEROXIDE PASTE tubes of catalyst used in amine accelerated systems Bodyfiller & Bridger paste.

Add to polyester glass clear casting resin at 2% by weight, to extend the clarity of the finished casting.

*This product is for POLYESTER RESIN ONLY*

Available from £7.20



Cellulose Microfibres, Used to thicken resins to create adheasives.

£15.00 / Kit(s)