UV stable Gfix resin

Available from £74.40 / Kit(s)

Our G-Fix UV 6kg kit for Resin-Bonded and Resin-Bound surfaces will generally bond approx 3 x 25kg (75kgs) of gravel giving a coverage of approx 3m² at 15mm depth & 2.5m² at 18mm deep,

Above coverage rate may vary slightly due to gravel porosity.

Also available in 7.5kg Kits (4 x 25kg bags aggregate).

Producing a very tough flexible matrix suitable for driveways paths, patios, balcony's etc
G-Fix UV can only be laid in dry conditions and is suitable in temperatures down to approx 5ºC, accelerator is available to speed up cure during cooler working conditions.

All aggregates must be completely dry during installation, G-Fix primers are recommended on concrete bases.
Recommended where white or very light coloured gravel is the choice or colour fastness is preferred.


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G-Fix-Gold G-Fix-Gold

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Gravel bonding primer 1ltr Gravel bonding primer 1ltr
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Gravel bonding resin 3kg Gravel bonding resin 3kg
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