Rubber crumb top wear layer(EPDM)

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EPDM Rubber crumb top layer. Binder NOT included.

Shock Pad  Top Coats.
Mix rubber granules and binder at desired ratio.
Typical addition of 18% binder for the Topcoat (wear) surface.
Ensure the volumetric ratio of binder addition is considered as the bulk density of rubbers will vary.

Rubber granules should be dry in order to stop accelerated cure times and foaming of the binder.
For adequate mixing, a high torque rotary mixer should be used. Rubber and binder should be mixed
for upto 5 minutes ensuring all the rubber is coated.

The product can then be laid out on a prepared surface and compacted using a hand trowel or
weighted roller. Ensure an even compaction of the rubber. A release agent should be used on all tools
to avoid adhesion of the binder to the tools. Ensure all equipment is cleaned well after use.
In some cases, particularly low temperatures, Rubber Crumb Binder Accelerator (1k) may
need to be added.
MDI polyurethanes are subject to colour changes during exposure to ultra violet light. This will not
affect the mechanical properties of the binder.

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