450g Roofing material kits various sizes

Product no.: RC450

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Materials required for roof sheathing using fibreglass resin etc.

Various square metre area can be chosen, always add approx 10% to you total area calculation to allow for overlaps and waste.

NOTE if the area is pedestrianised i.e Balcony or frequent access to foot traffic the 600g layer is highly recommended, otherwise the 450g layer is generally used.

Basic kit materials include.

600g or 450g Chopped strand mat (1 layer).

Roofing resin + catalyst.

Topcoat resin + catalyst.

Glass woven tape to join the edging trims to the roof surface (50m roll included).

Tool/accessory kits (all the tools and ancillaries required to complete the installation.

Surface tissue can be chosen if a smoother surface is preferred.

Additional extras can be added.

Edging trims, corners etc can be added if required. (for standard shipping the 3 metre pieces may be cut to 1.5metre lengths.

Polyurethane sealer primer for moist timber boards and concrete surfaces.

Roof boards OSB3 18mm T&G 2440 x 590mm (1.43sq metres).

If you require a larger area to be covered email or call for a quote of materials or free no obligation advice if required.