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Aquaseal, water-based polyurethane dispersion with acrylic mix.

Used to seal many building products including concrete, wood, stone, plaster, tarmac etc.

Aquaseal, Water based polyurethane sealer.

Aquaseal is a single pack, water-based polyurethane dispersion with an acrylic mix.

Aquaseal is non-hazardous and as such is suitable for application in both internal and external applications and in small confined areas as well as larger more exposed areas.

Will adhear to most substrates and form to give a high gloss film, once fully cured is hard wearing and offers good chemical resistance against a large number of aggresive chemicals.

Can be used on concrete, stone, brickwork, wood and most traditional building materials as well as aluminiun brass, copper brightwork and some plastics.

Aquaseal is an economical, fast drying hard wearing varnish for many surfaces where colour retention is not critical.
Once cured aquaseal provides a clear membrane for new or old concrete, wood, stone etc, sealing surfaces providing a high quality finish. Compatible with most paints adhesives and floor coverings.

Application can be by brush spray or roller and will develop a rain-resistant surface faster than many other systems.

Decorative Flake Coatings. Attractive effects can be produced by using a pigmented coating, or by broadcasting coloured plastic flakes over the wet first coat. When the surface is tack free the excess flake can be removed and additional coats applied, until the desired efects have been achieved. A more colour stable effect will be obtained if the later coats were of Crystalseal.