Gravel bonded UV trial kit 1m

Product no.: GbtkitUV1

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Gravel Bonded aggregate trial kit 1m UV Stable system 

This trial kit contains materials to aggregate bond approx 1 square metre x 15mm deep.

A good sound base is the key to longevity in all resin bound systems, the area must be clean dry and free of all loose material dust etc, any cracks or faults must be repaired prior to appliaction of any of the resin systems (ask for advise if not sure), apply the sealer primer allow approx 20 mins to tack off, the area is then ready for the application of the resin bound matrix, the resin and hardener components are thoroughly blended together in the resin bucket, the aggregate is poured from the bag into the supplied mixing bucket, the blended resin is then poured over the dried aggregate tumbling the contents or using a drill and mixing paddle until and even layer of resin coats each granual of aggregate, this is then applied to the primed area and troweled flat at 15mm depth, leave for 12 hours before walking onto the surface, allow approx 7 days for the material to achieve full hardening properties before heavy traffic.