Scattercoat trial kit 2m

Product no.: Sct2M


Scattercoat 2sq metre kit, contains materials to cover a 2 square metre area..

The scattercoat trial kit contains some primer/sealer for concrete wood or metal surfaces, the resin/hardener and aggregate to cover an area of 2 square metres, all excess aggregate is swept up after cure (can be reused if kept dry) which is approx 4 hours in 16-20 degrees C, longer in cooler conditions.

Ensure area is thoroughly cleaned and dried proir to application of primer sealer, allow approx 20 mins before applying the resin hardener mix(these two components are thoroughy mixed together in the resin container ensuring to scrape around base and sides of vessel to make sure all parts are blended), spreading with a toothed squeegee is the best method of achieving an even layer of resin which will self level in a few minutes, aggregate is liberally cast over the wet resin until no resin area is visible, this is left for approx 4 hours + when the excess aggregate can be swept up and stored if required for future applications.